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“For 10 years my arthritis was bad and getting worse. After chelation my arms, shoulders and hands are loose and I have feeling in them again. My legs are loose and I can stand up and walk without pain for the first time in years. Chelation is what has accomplished this miracle!“

- Robert Cunningham, age 78
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True medical consulation and guidance is a partnership between the client and a doctor with a unique and compassionate viewpoint on how to reverse health issues, increase vitality, treat disease, and even slow the aging process.

I look forward to the opportunity of personally working with you, whether your goal is to overcome a serious illness, to avoid costly and painful surgery, to achieve super energy and vitality, or to begin taking preventive steps today as a hedge against a debilitating and life-altering health problems in the future.  Getting together on-line to achieve these purposes is as simple as clicking here.
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Dr Bruce Dooley
Bruce R. Dooley, M.D.
Friday October 31, 2014